Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poets on the loose!

March 28, 2013

It is officially almost April, National Poetry Month, and Poets On The Loose are ready to hit the streets again. We are a band of folks who offer poems to willing strangers on the streets of America. Join us if you can!

Let the merriment begin!

Here are ideas for this year based on our adventures last year. It was so much fun.
1. In order for our Poets on the Loose ideas to spread, we have set up a Facebook Fan page for Jubilation Press featuring Poets on the Loose. This is where we hope to post poems, photos and narrative of our Poet on the Loose adventures. Please consider doing these things:
Please sign up as a fan of Jubilation Press at and do one or all of the following:
* suggest poems for poets on the loose
* post your adventures on our facebook page
* post photographs of your readings on the street

2. Thanks to Kim Rosen, we have a Poets On the Loose website. It is: Please visit it and check out the poems Kim and others have posted there. If you click on the Acts Of  Poetry tab, you can read posts people have made. If you wish to tell your tale or offer a poem, scroll to the end to the “Leave a reply” list. Instructions and other suggestions are listed on the home page. Thank you Kim Rosen and Nancy Bardos.
3. Here are guidelines for anyone who wants to be a poet on the loose:
Keep poems short. Read a 5-8-line excerpt from a longer poem if you wish.
Be welcoming. We want to avoid offensive language, etc. Shower the person with goodness and joy.
Bring a fun kid’s poem with you to read to children. This is a revolution after all and we need the next generation to join in. Consider making copies of your poems to give away. Consider putting this on the bottom of your poem:
Thanks for helping us bring poetry to its feet!
Poets on the Loose- bringing poetry to the streets.


4. Here is a script for you to use if you wish to do so:
“Hi. April is National Poetry Month.
We are Poets on the Loose, reading poems to people all over town.

We would love to read you a short poem….would  you like that?"

If no, walk on.
If yes, give them five or so cards of poems to choose from. (I personally put the blank sides up so they do not see the text of the poem when choosing).

Read the poem they choose.

Say: "Thanks! Would you like a copy of that poem?"

Give them a copy of your poem and include on this card the words:

Thanks for helping us bring poetry to its feet!
Poets on the Loose—bringing poetry to the streets

5. Possible places suggested by last year’s organizers:
Senior Centers, grocery stores, hospitals, bookstores, banks, galleries, libraries, folks on the street, Farmer’s Markets, parks, etc.

6. Please feel free to recruit more people….the more poets popping up everywhere, the merrier!  Have them email me at:  or call me at 541-690-6976 to officially sign up or ask questions, etc.

7. Please write up a short email summary of where you went and what happened. Post it on the Jubilation Press facebook page:  and /or

8. I have poetry pockets for sale designed and made by Cantrell Maryott and myself if any of you wish to purchase one. They are made from beautiful repurposed fabric and come with two pockets—one pocket is for a poem and one pocket is for keys, glasses, phone, etc. Call me at 541-690-6976 or email me at

Have fun!

Cathy DeForest