Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ben Long Teaches Digital Photography in Florence, Italy

Ben Long was an inspirational leader, who was knowledgeable, accessible and great fun! We each brought our photographs to a higher level and learned so much from one another as the weeks coalesced into an extensive search for images. Thanks to Ben, we travel home with a successful experience under our belts and friendships that will endure. Our work is our statement. Check out Ben Long's website: His book Complete Digital Photography is in its fifth printing. 

From left to right: Pat Beary, Barbara Kitzen, Carol Valstyn, Jessica Bayer, Ben Long, Judith Hochroth, Fraser Shein, Len Lea, and Erin Astrup
Photo of class by Susanna Lamania. Text and photography of work by Judith Hochroth.

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  1. very nice page i learn so many things from this page and i love photography and Brother ben thanks a lot friends God bless you