Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mixed Media Workshop with Kristi Colell

Kristi Colell, California Lutheran University art instructor, got her mixed media students off to a jump start by photographing their first impressions of the streets of Firenze early in the morning. Returning to the San Gallo campus, their slides were developed and the process of Polaroid Emulsion began. The Mixed Media class then joined Dan Welden and Juliette Aristides Solar Printmaking and Classical Drawing and Painting classes on a three day journey to the Venezia Biennale beginning August 10th.
Thee Venice trip inspired more visual information to incorporate into the students own artwork. In addition to the Biennale the Mixed Media class visited Ravenna and Bologna.(note attached photos) The group returned to the studio August 13th and began applying their Personal Italian Visual statements by incorporating the medias of watercolor, carbon lithography, solar plate collage, Polaroid emulsion, photo emulsion, collage and figure drawing. Photo: Kristi reviewing Sharon Dyer's Colors of Florence and fragmented in Florence ideas.

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