Friday, August 21, 2009

Philippa Blair Painting Workshop In Florence

Philippa Blair is taking her class on a physical and metaphorical journey, exploring Florence, Fiesole and Venice, through archways, pathways, canals and history. We have crossed oceans and decades to come here and now we trudge pavements, board buses and bob along on vaporetti to uncover new layers of meaning before us and beneath us, oh and above us, but don't forget to watch your step and not trip.
We have stood transfixed in front of frescoes in medieval monkish cells and as well as taken in the bold graffiti next to the rows of bicycles and scooters to the doorway to our studio. We have gathered the materials for our journeys from favorite art supply stores, kitchen benches, pavements, hillsides and rubbish bins in the spirit of re-cycling and rediscovery. This is a personal exploration for all, as well, a "vulnerable journey of learning", so please treat our new steps and discoveries with care as we share them with you. Check out Philippa Blair's web site at:
Photos and text by Philippa Reed of New Zealand. From left: Philippa Reed,
Brett de Gregoria, Dorothy Helyer, Michelle Librett, Marion Vidal, Kathy Birdsong

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  1. You are all set to go on a wonderful art holiday . Florence and venice would give nice subjects to paint. Please do put up some pics of both the paintings and photographs... Enjoy your holiday..