Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Book Arts Adventures with Mary Laird and Cathy DeForest

Our days at Santa Reparata have been filled with creativity and wonder. Participants have made books out of bags (the original idea for a bag book came from Betsy Davids of SF). Our photos tell our story: Kathleen Rydar of SF presents her idea for her bag book inspired by shopping adventures and Nancy Jo Mullen tells the tale of how important paper has been to civilization as she hold up a bag from one of our favorite paper stores. 
We also made solarplate etchings and turned them into a collaborative book bound with copper corners via Mary Laird's instructions. Cathy DeForest is shown here printing an etching from a photograph she took on her trip to the Venice Biennale. 
Participants also worked on a book based on a found object. Rebecca Dant can be seen here showing her book to Dan Welden documenting the glories of gelato in Florence. The book stands on gelato spoons gathered by fellow classmates.
Stay tuned for more book art photos as we gather them up to share with you. 

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