Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Juliette Aristides Teaching Classical Painting and Drawing in Florence, Italy

The Classical program instructed by Juliette Aristides focuses on learning foundational drawing skills. Surrounded by the beauty of FLorence we can not help but be inspired. We are joined by Carol Hendricks our resident art historian. In the morning Carol takes us to see artistic masterpieces and helps us put the work into context. Carol lead us on a path from early Renaissance in Venice, the middle period in Florence and the high Renaissance in Rome. Half days we are found drawing on location in front of a landscape, painting, sculpture or piece of architecture. 

Our day begins under the Loggia de Signoria, drawing the classical sculptures of Roman antiquity, followed by espresso and a trip to the many museums that house the treasures of the Florentine Renaissance. In the afternoon we move into the studio to work from the life model. It is here in the studio that we learn the theory behind the great art that we are looking at and how to incorporate it into our own work. We are enjoying this amazing opportunity to study the language of design as it has been handed down through the ages. Check out Juliette Aristides' art at: www.aristidesarts.com.
Her books include: Classical Painting Atelier and 
Classical Drawing Atelier.
Photograph by Cathy DeForest

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